We Specialize in the Hire of Quads and ATV's to Business Users, Farmers, GPS Mapping Contractors, Film Crews, Grip and Camera Crews, Television Production & Location Companies,  Shows & Festivals, e.t.c

Our Fleet of quads consist of only the best quads on the market - Honda ATV's

We Also Have A Large Number Of Honda Pioneers (Also Known As - Gators or Buggies) For Hire - 2 Seater 4x4 and 4 Seater 4x4

All Quads are 4x4 and have Carry Racks & tow hitches on them. Some Are Also Road Registered.

Full Range of On & Off-Road Trailers For Hire, 7x4 Multi-Purpose Quad & Goods Trailers & 7x4 Lockable Quad Box Trailers

10x5 Mule Trailers, 5x3 Off-Road Tipper Trailers,5x3 Off-Road Box Trailers

Flail Toppers (Currently Not Available), Chain Harrows, Sprayers, Spreaders, Feeders e.t.c

We now also have for hire with drivers Double Cab Pickups for transporting crew and equipment to and around off-road locations etc.

Our Quads and Mules are used to transport tools, props and crew equipment from base to locations with no hassle at all and with their low-pressure tyres & weight, little damage is done to the ground we go over which is ideal for working in environmentally friendly areas of the countryside. Quads are an essential tool for the terrain found in Wales.

Tracking With Quads or Mules / Gators - We can manufacture any mounts or fittings required for mounting cameras and crew to our equipment with our in-house engineering department.

Action Vehicles - We can supply quads for use in Film, Television, Music Videos, Commercials e.t.c

We Also Provide Experienced, Welsh Speaking, Fully Trained & Insured Operators for Jobs that require more precise and confident off-road driving skills Anywhere in the UK & Worldwide.

Full Training Must Be Given To The Hiring Operators Before Use.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover Is Your Responsibility and Proof Is Required Before Hire Is To Commence On Self Drive Contracts - 2 Forms Of ID are Also Required.

We Cannot Hire Quads Or Mules for Private Use or Weddings etc Due To Insurance and Health & Safety Restrictions 


We have completed a number of contracts with major film and television companies and have a large portfolio of jobs we have completed with our quads and mules either as Action vehicles, location support vehicles or as all-terrain camera tracking vehicles.

 Some Of Our Credits Over The Years:-

 2007 - Torchwood, Dr Who

 2008 - 'Torchwood' - 'Dr Who' - 'Adventures of Sarah Jane' - 'Merlin I'

 2009 - 'Skellig' - 'Dr Who' - 'Adventures of Sarah Jane' - 'Merlin II' - 'Submarine'

2010 - 'Merlin III' - 'Dr Who' - 'Adventures of Sarah Jane' - 'The Awakening' - 'The Killer Elite' - 'Hunky Dory' - 'S4C Childrens Programs'

2011 - 'Merlin 4' - 'Dr Who' - 'Torchwood - Miracle Day' - 'Warner Bros Clash Of The Titans 2' - 'Sherlock 2' - 'Bacardi Commercial' - 'Moonpig.com Commercial' - ' WRC Wales Rally GB' - 'Batman Dark Night Rises'

2012 - 'Henry the 4th' - 'Henry the 5th' - 'BBC - Dr Who' - 'BBC - Merlin 5' - 'Starz USA - Da Vinci's Deamons' - 'Sky TV - Stella 2' - 'Mumford & Sons Music Video'

2013 - BBC Dr Who - BBC Casualty - Atlantis - CBBC Wizards Vs Aliens - Da Vincis Deamons - New Worlds - 

2014 - Dr Who - Atlantis - Casualty - Da Vincis Deamons - CBBC